You learn some amazing things doing UX for 20+ years. For example...

The pressure, excitement, and honor of becoming the design steward for one of the best known - and most widely loved software brands on the planet. The delirium only achieved after travelling 3,000 miles in one day for a one hour meeting. What it’s like to see my name next to Microsoft’s on patent applications. The agony of turning down a $500,000 engagement because it was in the client’s best interests. How to win over a customer who says, “I just don’t like blue.” What it takes to roll-out custom applications to audiences of 30,000+ users. The stress of getting an executive board to invest over $2m in one of your ideas. How to win the battles required to put policy, procedure, design, and technology in place that influence the way 500,000+ people work every day. How it feels to help one global, IT leader save a relationship with another global, energy leader. What it’s like to see the people you’ve mentored achieve their goals and dreams. That it’s okay to fail as long as you learn why, and never repeat your mistakes. How it feels to be acquired – not once, but twice! Being witness to the unreal number of meetings with financial managers and lawyers one has to attend when your company IPO’s. The virtues of working with Injection molded plastic. What kind of adhesive won’t get brittle in the cargo hold of a jet airplane at 30,000 feet. The feeling of seeing your own work lauded and displayed next to an absolute masters’ in front of an audience of 100,000 people. The joy – and insane work effort required - to produce the now “biggest” unofficial event at SXSW Music, and watching 13,000 people share in one of your passions. What it’s like to sing Rapper’s Delight with Adam Duritz. What it’s like to use an airplane as a daily commuter. That you will encounter moments of complete genius while sitting in the client’s board room at 2:00 am. That you will find some of your dearest friends while building a large, multi-disciplinary design team. How to convince a jaded, angry, world-wide editorial team to not only trust you, but give you a standing ovation (and doing it while in Switzerland - extra cool).That the past 20 years collaborating with brilliant engineers, genius designers, inspirational leaders, master craftsmen, and truly talented people has been both completely invaluable, and incredibly exciting!

| Microsoft Corporation, Sr. User Experience Lead for Excel
| Visible Measures Corporation, Creative Director

| Yahoo!, Director of User Experience for Global Content, Search, and Video Platforms
| Maven Networks, Director of Product Design
| SeaChange International, Director of User Experience
| Frame Eight, LLC., Founder & Principal
| Hewlett-Packard, Manager, Design & Media Services for Enterprise Software
| Art Director, MediaStream, Inc. (A Knight-Ridder Company)

| Microsoft Corporation
| BellSouth
| Verizon
| McGraw-Hill
| Charter Communications
| Bank One
| Getronics
| User Centric

| Available upon Request - / 508-517-3423